Trade overview for December. Profit - $ 3859.

Greetings to blog readers!

Happy New Year! I hope it will be better for all of us than the past 2020. Today I will talk a little about my trading in December. During the month, I closed 40 trades, including 7 losing ones. The final result is a profit in the amount of $ 3859.

My broker is Maximarkets .

The past month, like the year as a whole, was not easy for the whole world. The mood in the markets changed depending on what information appeared in the news feeds. The optimistic sentiment was supported by reports of the start of vaccination of the population in several countries. However, negative statistics on the number of infections did not allow counting on a quick improvement in the epidemiological situation, and therefore on the recovery of the world economy. A certain tension was also created by the topic related to Brexit. The likelihood of the UK leaving the European Union without a deal was quite high. And only a few days before the end of the transition period, Brussels and London managed to agree on the basic terms of trade relations. But it should be noted that many unresolved issues remain. Oil quotes showed good growth in December on the back of hopes for a recovery in demand and, thanks to the OPEC + decision, to reduce the volume of increase in oil production in January. Gold rose in price in December. This was facilitated by the weakening of the dollars. And bitcoin has updated its historical record.

Best Deal of the Month

In December, there were enough opportunities for good earnings on various trading instruments. But I preferred currency pairs.

If we evaluate the trades by the size of their profit, then the best of them was the purchase with the pair nzdchf.

This was the market entry based on technical analysis. However, the news background was in favor of opening a buy order. The pace of economic recovery in New Zealand was higher than forecasted. The order for the nzdchf pair was closed by take profit with a profit of $ 497.

Worst deal of the month

I lost over $ 774 on buying eurgbp in early December. This currency pair was sensitive to any information regarding the progress of negotiations on an agreement between the EU and the UK. The buy order was opened on the morning of December 7, as part of the prevailing trend. However, then the words of the head of the European Commission about the preservation of all major differences between Brussels and London brought down the British pound. The order was closed by stop loss.

Well, let’s start a new trading year. Hope it will be successful.