OptionsClick is owned and managed by a seasoned group of professionals specializing in financial options, commodities, derivatives, stocks, forex, and marketing, as well as software research and development.

The OptionsClick ™ platform was developed in order to provide the finest binary online trading interface possible. The platform offers trading on a range of financial instruments. Trading at OptionsClick ™ is suitable for everyone from the most inexperienced investor with only a basic knowledge of world financial markets to the most experienced investor.

OptionsClick ™ owns a series of advanced technology platforms that power an unparalleled range of financial instruments. OptionsClick ™ makes trading simple through a simple user interface, online help facilities, and support from a team of dedicated professionals.

OptionsClick ™ conforms to the following core values:

  • Financial Rewards: It is possible to receive an 85% return on your investment in a matter of minutes with all risks and rewards qualified beforehand.
  • Fairness: “All our options are open.” OptionsClick ™ is the only trading platform that allows customers to choose one or both sides of a single purchase on all assets. This guarantees fairness of pricing regardless of market fluctuations. There is never a spread or a commission on any purchase.
  • Freedom: Only OptionsClick ™ allows customers the freedom to close trades prior to scheduled expiry. This allows you to increase your profits or control the amount of potential loss.
  •  Trading: OptionsClick ™ believes that the trading experience should be enjoyable. We offer a state of the art GUI with a range of features in order to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

Trading at OptionsClick ™ is safe and secure. Liabilities and exposures are carefully managed and payout of profits is guaranteed by our  Terms and Conditions.


Position Items Points
League League 1
Year of creation 2012 45
Regulatory organizations 0
Broker rewards 0
Branches in the CIS 0 0
Branches abroad 0 0
PR in the media 0 0
Voting rating of the administration of the Masterforex-V Academy 0.9 54
Voting rating of listeners of Masterforex-V Academy 0.3 nine
Internet users vote rating 5 fifty
The number of positive reviews on the traders forum 0 0
The number of non-payment of profit to traders 0 0
Number of traders’ claims 0 0
Payout on the EUR / USD option% of the profit from the transaction 82 8.2
Payout on GBP / USD option% of profit from the transaction 57 5.7
Payment on USD / CHF option% of profit from the transaction 75 7.5
Payout on EUR / GBP option% of the profit from the transaction 75 7.5
Payout on GBP / JPY option% of profit from the transaction 75 7.5
Total points: 194.40


OptionsClick trading conditions  :

  • High / Low, One Touch, Range, Short Term;

OptionsClick deposit / withdrawal methods  :

  • by credit card;
  • international bank transfer;
  • PayPal, WebMoney, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve.

Disadvantages of the company:

  • poorly designed site;
  • there is no Russian-language site.

Availability in the “Black List of Brokerage Companies”:

  • not featured