Binary Robot 365 Review

Binary Robot 365 Review

This is a review of Binary Robot 365, a binary options automated robot trading service which was launched in 2016. Unlike other binary options services in this niche, Binary Robot 365 generates trading signals using a filtering system of 6 indicators, and allows users to make the final decision on trade execution. By providing up to 6 indicators on which signals generating systems are based, Binary Robot 365 allows users to configure their strategies by choosing from any of the 6 indicators they are comfortable with. The robot then trades on their account according to the risk parameters and other settings chosen by the trader. In other words, the robot takes command from the trader on what to do with the account.

Special Features

What are the special features that users of the Binary Robot 365 signals service can expect to see?

  1. There are stop loss system alerts which allow the trader to cut losses on trades. This allows users to set their losses in a pre-determined fashion to avoid drawdowns. Many binary options traders can tell you that there are always trades they entered which eventually did not turn out well and which they could do nothing about. With this stop loss feature, there is no longer any need to lament.
  2. The software is automated, allowing traders to trade round the clock without any downtimes.
  3. You can operate your automated trading account from a mobile trading app.

The use of the Binary Robot 365 software requires opening a trading account with certain brokers on whose platforms the software has been tested and optimized. These brokers include the following:

  1. BinaryTilt
  2. Banc De Binary
  3. Toroption
  4. PlusOption,
  5. com
  6. Stockpair
  7. com
  8. Empireoption
  9. Wynn Finance
  10. Tradorax
  11. Optionrally

Majority of these brokers are associated with the Tech Financials platform brand.

What Assets Can be Traded with this Binary Robot

The assets for which Binary Robot 365 generates trading signals for include assets spread over the four main asset categories. Therefore, users can expect to trade:

  1. Stocks in various markets such as the US, UK and European markets
  2. Major and minor currency pairs
  3. Commodity assets such as gold, silver and oil
  4. The major stock indices covering the US markets (Dow, Nasdaq and S&P), FTSE100, Xetra DAX, and other major exchanges in Asia and Europe.

How the Binary Robot 365 Software Works

The process begins with signing up on the online registration form on the website. Once you have doen this, you will be directed to the next page where you select your preferred broker from the list of brokers on which the BinaryRobot365 software works. After identifying a broker, you move on to the next stage where you make a deposit into your account. The minimum deposit is $250. Once you make the deposit, your account is integrated with the software and you can click on “Autotrade” to start trading.

The BinaryRobot365 software has an option to allow traders switch between automated trading and semi-automated trading using the “Autotrade” function. Clicking this button activates/deactivates the function, depending on which is functioning at the present time.

Apart from the Autotrade function, there are other parameters that the trader can adjust manually. These are:

  • Trade Setting. This setting allows the trader to set a default investment amount, as well as the number of trades that the software can perform on a daily basis.
  • Asset Button. The asset button lets you choose the pair of assets that can be traded. All assets are categorized into four groups: stocks, currency pairs, special commodities, and indices.
  • Risk Level. Some trade settings carry greater risk, while others carry lesser risk. Risk here is not only defined by the indicator settings, but also by the number and size of trades.
  • Expiry Button. This button allows you to specify the duration in which a trade should occur. You can set it between sixty seconds, five minutes, 30 minutes, or twenty-four hours.

It is insightful to note that BinaryRobot365 only works with brokers that are regulated and licensed to offer binary options. These brokers are licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).


The Binary Robot 365 software has been put to the test by some market experts. It is one of the few binary options auto trading software which has got win rates approaching 80-85%. It is also one of the top ranked software on many reputable review sites. These are not review sites where reviews are bought on Fiverr, but review sites where real traders take a software, trade it on real accounts, report on the binary options autotrading software performance and rank it accordingly


How much does it cost to use the software? The software is free to use and does not require any extra payments. In any case, the money you deposit into the trading account is yours and yours forever. You can withdraw it anytime you want.

Customer Support

In case of any trading inquiries or technical queries regarding use of the robot, Binary Robot 365 offers traders a 24/7 customer service support system. This service is multilingual. The channels on which the Binary Robot 365 team can be reached are :
via email at
Live chat on the home page of the website (


In a market niche where a lot of scam products are found, the BinaryRobot365 team has gone to great lengths to make the use of the robot software safe and secure for its clients. Traders are given the freedom to set their own parameters and have some level of control over their account. Furthermore, the BinaryRobot365 software works only with regulated and licensed brokers. These factors help to ensure investor confidence in this product. Traders can feel free to signup with BinaryRobot365, as it is one of the best trading software around.